What about Cambridge MBA?

The Cambridge MBA is-

  • a consistently highly ranked and regarded MBA from a business school and university renowned around the world
  • a one-year programme, offering in-depth learning and personalised career development services
    undertaken by experienced professionals in a class size of c.200, an optimal number to enhance peer-to-peer learning
  • a programme focused on experiential learning, with two live client projects
    proven to enable global and cross-sector career mobility for graduates.

The skills and knowledge acquired on the MBA are achieved through a collaborative ethos—the core value of the Cambridge MBA.The aim is to produce graduates who demonstrate intellectual rigour and who are skilled in the practice of management and core business principles in finance, operations, accounting,marketing, strategy, innovation and human resources within a global context.

For electives we bring in experts from both the University of Cambridge and the wider business and academic worlds to teach our extensive portfolio of advanced specialist courses. This is the ideal opportunity to broaden your experience, and make it your Cambridge MBA, focus on subjects in which you are particularly interested.

The Cambridge MBA is academically vigorous, and enables you to participate in lectures,group discussions, seminars, forums, workshops, and team and individual projects. This an opportunity of a lifetime, which will help you learn about management, yourself, and the importance of lifelong learning in helping you meet your long-term career goals.You will interact with academic staff, Cambridge MBA students, business leaders and entrepreneurs, and Cambridge alumni.

We bring together a dynamic class of more than 40 nationalities from a wide range of sectors and our class sizes are small, allowing you to interact directly with our faculty.The Cambridge MBA is academically rigorous and has its own distinct learning style. Inspired by the University’s tradition of tutorial group discussion and lively debate, our programme is taught through workshops, discussion groups, lectures,seminars, and team and individual projects.

You will work closely with faculty, business practitioners and your student colleagues; you will build a solid core of knowledge and enrich your personal understanding of management issues.The core MBA courses start in September during the Orientation period, beginning with Foundation modules, and for this reason all students are expected to be present for the full two weeks of Orientation.

We deliver an engaging and impactful learning experience in an intensive 12-month programme. Our approach combines core skills with specialist sector training; faculty-led teaching with live consulting projects; professional skills with personal development. It is a broad education designed to develop deep understanding, practical application and vital interpersonal skills.

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