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Choosing a career option is the most confusing task for the students especially for an undergraduate student. The common question that every student asks is why get an MBA degree.  The answer to this question is very simple as it offers higher salary package and is the highly demanded professional degree for the business area. But the course itself is very costly, and with its different specializations in the different sector, it creates even more confusing condition for the students.

However, some students prefer this option not because they are interested but either due to the pressure of the parents or because of the rising demand in the industry. Students having the non-business undergraduate degree also opt for this master course. Such students should understand the basic MBA definition and its basic requirements before applying for the program.

How long the course does take or what is the cost of MBA program are some of the other common questions that a student asks. Read the full article to know the answers and make clarity in mind.

How long does the course take?

Traditionally the two-year program was popular but in Europe, one year program is gaining popularity. Cambridge MBA program is also a one year program that is popular in the UK. But keep in mind that only the duration of the program is reduced and not the cost. The expected fees to be somewhere around USD 150,000. Therefore, before choosing the course think wisely and also considered the future advantages that you will get from this course.

What are the top MBA ranking programs?

Some institutions conduct a study on the top MBA programs offered around the world. Different criteria and parameter make the report. By this information, they rank the program. The ranking is done only to inform the students about the best and top programs. However, the decision is up to on the students, and thus, any student can opt for the program that suits him.

But one cannot be sure that they cover all the programs as there are small MBA programs as well which are not considered. So, do a research carefully and then reach to any results.

Which one to choose full time or part time?

There are two options for the MBA students that are full time and part time programs. The full-time program is covered in two years and is a four-semester course. All the core courses are covered during the first year of the program. In the second year, a student can choose the elective subjects according to their interests.

The part-time program is for the working professionals who have no time to join the classes regularly. This program does not issue the student Visa to the foreign students, and the applicant must be the resident of the designated country.

What is MBA and executive MBA?

EMBA is for the professionals that have already excellence in the field of business whereas MBA is for the fresher in business and undergraduate in business.

We hope that all your confusion related to MBA is now clear.

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