What is MBA and what are popular specializations in MBA?

MBA is a popular course today, and thus many undergraduate students prefer this above another course available. It is not only popular among students but also among the recruiters as various companies prefer MBA students over others. MBA graduates are high in demand, and most of the companies offer the high salary to those with good grades and working experience. Therefore, this specialization is the best career choice for the undergraduate students and the job seekers as well.

MBA is about 114 year’s old course that has now become the choice of millions of students worldwide. It has multiple courses and program that offers a wide variety of choice to the students. There are around 81 specializations in MBA that shows its vastness and demand in different sectors of the industry. Not every b-school offer MBA specializations, few offer concentrations and the generalized program also.

Generalized programs consist of elective courses so that students can make their own choice as per their career goals and interest of subjects. In this way, universities or colleges offer a customized program to the students. Let’s know about some of the popular MBA specializations.

The top MBA ranking specializations

  1.    International business

Students interested in working in the global organizations, medium and small-sized companies which are affected by the international pressures can opt for this MBA specialization. It covers various issues that affect global business, these problems include:

  • How to do business in new and emerging market?
  • How to manage a multinational enterprise?
  • What is the role of a multinational organization in an environment and social issue?
  • Understanding cross-cultural differences

In Cambridge MBA in international business is covered by the global business concentration. It includes a capstone project so that students can gain skills to manage an international organization during the program. It also consists of the discussions, debates, and talks with representatives of the international organizations and a project that focuses on the future challenges of the organizations in the next 50 years.

  1.    Marketing

This specialization prepares the students in the marketing field by giving them a basic and detail understanding of the tools, concepts, and practices that are associated with the modern marketing. Students in this specialization can pursue the career in consulting, technology, healthcare, and industries related to consumer packaged goods.

A student in this specialization learns three essential skills of marketing: Delivering value, Understanding value and creating value.

  1.    Operations management

It is designed to develop understanding in students about the design and management of the products, supply chains, and services. Different universities offer different programs in this specialization for example in UCLA MBA specialization in operations management consists of two core courses. In addition to the core courses, elective courses are also offered to serve the important segments of the market.

The course provides a deep understanding of the logistics design, tools, strategies, and practices to assess operational risks and solve planning programs of an organization.

Supply chain management, HR, and strategy MBA program are also few popular specializations in MBA. There are many options and reasons that you should know to understand why to get an MBA.

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