MBA students-different job opportunities they get

Today many students are attracted toward taking post graduation degree in MBA. MBA is master degree in business administration. Every year numbers of student enroll in MBA program and learn skills, gain knowledge to develop their own business or to work under private or public sector after completing the course. Career opportunities, as well as job opportunities for the MBA students, are numerous.

There are different types of jobs for MBA students-

Job opportunities for MBA in marketing

Industries, as well as job titles- MBAs in marketing, can get jobs in industries like banking, media, retail, (IT) information technology and (ITES) information technology enabled services, etc.

Job titles are brand manager, marketing manager, sales manager, media planner, market research analyst, internet marketing manager, etc.

Job description-

A brand manager does the work of promotion as well as placement of the company’s brand and data collection of the rival brands. Sales manager does the work of setting sales target as well as monitors distribution, customer services. Marketing manager develops the marketing strategy and focuses on holding on to customers. Product manager does the work of managing the delivery of the product to consumers. He is also in charge of market growth product and profitability.

Market research analyst develops the methods of data analysis, data collection, conveying data to the business development team as well as helps to evolve marketing strategies. Media planner does the work of helping marketing top meet its target and also select means for advertising products.

Job opportunities for MBA in finance-

Industries- those doing MBA in finance has vast career opportunities in finance services, banking, management consulting, investment management, insurance, asset finance, wealth management.

Job titles for MBA in finance are financed manager, credit analyst, risk as well as insurance manager, accounting manager, finance manager, treasurer, finance director, etc.

Job description- corporate finance ensures that funds are available in sufficient amount for company’s business activity. Finance professionals study as well as forecast economic trend, analyze company reports, balance risk as well as profitability, suggest improvements, etc.

Job for MBA in operation-

Industries – MBA in operation give you an opportunity to work in all type of industries like telecom, e-commerce, IT.

Jo titles- supply chain manager, inventory control manager, logistics manager, project manager, operation manager.

Job description- an operation manager does the work of ensuring smooth process as well as an implementation of the project. MBAs in operation are hired to look after responsibilities that are related to logistics, supply chain, sales operation, production management, etc. they are in charge of fulfillment, delivery, returns.

 Job for MBA in technology-

Industries- MBAs in technology becomes system analyst, information system manager, and chief technology officers.

Job titles are business development executive, project manager, marketing managers, data processing manager, IT manager or consultant.  Non- IT’s job titles include senior product manager, technical product manager, etc.

These are some of the job opportunities for MBA students. If you opt for these streams like marketing, finance, operation and IT, then you have various job opportunities. Thus, you can build a good career.

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